Nocturnal Creatures.

Nocturnal Creatures. (with Amelia & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Night time, Be the right time, Let; The moonlight shine, Upon us. Smokin' on, That green pine. Sippin' on, That fine wine, That make, These minds, Six nine; With no trust, And all lust. ...... ...... (Amelia) Sippin' Moonshine; while that Moon shines, Diamond eyes And … Continue reading Nocturnal Creatures.


Wolves (with Amelia, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) With the full moon, Shining; Against my skin, The silence of my soul, Starts howling again. Paw prints in the snow, Breath; Frozen in the wind. Aggression for protection, Natural selection, Is the exception for my sins. It's this moment right here, That my journey begins. … Continue reading Wolves.

Mind’s Eye

~♤~ Come now, let's chat awhile; Look beyond The dazzling smile. A heart fractured; in denial. Continuing on through this cycle. ~♡~ Deeper yet, My mind goes. Following this Sick ass flow. Down, down The rabbit hole. Not alice, But feel quite close. ~♧~ Bipolar lows, And Manic highs. Heartfelt laughs; To broken cries. As … Continue reading Mind’s Eye