Overpopulation and Humanity

How do we handle overpopulation of our planet? Our home? By 2100 its gonna be over 10billion.

That’s an insane number.

Using our current system of social classes but make each one even further apart? Promoting the idea of birth control ect ect through harsher and harsher living environments for the 99%? [After all someone always has to suffer it’s just facts and history at this point].
The war for power and control so we get to kill thousands around the globe and gain resources for our people all while a governing power gains more control – over us and the planet. I’m sure they will implement more and more aggressive and passive-aggressive “behind the curtain pouring your daily cup of kool-aid” tactics. I mean they will have to at some point at this rate. To be honest I don’t believe we could continue on without leadership. There always will be to some degree and influence. Greater at other times than others.

All while we are racing for livable space so that this actually doesn’t threaten our existence. We will have to spread around our solar system. Science says so. Logic. Intelligence.

I’m sure it’s hard to believe the reality that we actually live in and I don’t think most know or have the capacity to consider it. It takes a strong individual to reach through the muck and nonsense and all the shit society has wound up creating in our minds and lives. To elevate beyond the BILLIONS and be the one. Were gonna end up having to do some damage to ourselves before we can continue to spread and manifest in this world. And by world I mean everything. The universe as we know it now. Not just our blue spec were we reside. Things have to be redefined through the years as they have always been changing.

Were trapped here. If we hope to live on in existence things will always be ugly. It’s a full circle. Life as me and you know it is a special privilege if were talking about the rest of the billions. Dont ever forget that. Our lives are like blood money. Existence is. It ain’t pretty.

And if we fail? Crumble to pieces because this circus act is just not sustainable – when were talking about infinity and existence…well then we are untethered and sent back wherever it is we came from. Losing everything that is attached to this universe and what it is we are here.

It truly troubles me the possibilities and all the different futures we will have. Someone will have. Someone will experience. And possibly no-one eventually. We are not the infinity. We are in it. So I am inclined to believe we will just end up disappearing as we know ourselves in the end. With a bad case of amnesia if you will. I dont believe in reincarnation. Heaven. Hell. Spirituality for the most part. Im a free thinker as I call myself. It’s all easily dismissed using our senses. Logic. Intelligence. Science (this only goes so far I am aware because some variables we cannot see or understand or know).

When were gone well we are gone. Gone from all of this. In every shape and form. Where? ……….. not a single word or experience encoded in my brain, found by my consciousness, decoded by my brain, then spoken to my existence as thought, translated and sent through this body into the world were you receive it on a just as complex platform known as the internet can possibly explain that answer.

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