Searching For A Way Out

Searching for a way out
Found it on a tight-rope
I don’t have any balance
The tension here has got me choked
Weathered down
I fed the wrong wolf. Searching for a way out
Found it on a tight rope
Tried to look up or away but you know
As soon as you look; you lose sight of your self
As soon as you fall down you fight back and you don’t want to choke
I might be fed up and tired and have no hope
This is exactly what it is; don’t try and give me the same old line about light and dark
I’m in the fucking deep end and I’m gonna survive and not choke
Over my head, drowning to death, I’m gonna channel this stream and believe the words I wrote
Tomorrow is another day and I am gonna still be hanging on to the heavy things being tied on to MY rope
And keeping me from climbing
cause the knots they’re just too big or small I can’t fly or scream out
I’m afraid of the way out.
I’m afraid tomorrow might just be O.K. and I don’t wanna make another mistake I got —too many too long ago I can’t let go watch me rise to my summit – my summit is just Another day living with hunger and sleep I’m just another boxed in sheep Just a rhyme no rhythm or reason or feeling to feel and sell and tell you.
I know it’s not today, the today I’m writing about might just be never or today
They call it a rap, and I’m feeling poetic. hahaha don’t mistake me for a joke
Entrapped into these lines – looks like I’m ranting but it’s only a few seconds long
So what’s with your tantrum. The wave is dying down. So just take a sip and relax.
I just need to let it out and see it staring back at me and we can hold on to the heavy things like we always have been
Well, I guess I’m searching for a way out
Found it on a tight rope
Weathered down
In the deep end
I’m afraid
Of the way out

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