I’ve been a bit,
Within my skin,
Seems life found,
It’s sweet spot.
How’d I let myself,
Get caught?
Been stuck here,
My bones rot.
In a bind like,
Blood clot,
Drownin’ within,
My thought.
Like it or not,
I’m still gonna,
Give it all I got,
It’s a little or,
A lot; Just know,
I still fought.
Won’t let myself,
Be bought.

Been out of focus,
Quite myself lately.
I sure do miss,
This previous me,
Demons attempt,
To excavate me,
Pure soul just,
To remain faithfully,
Thankfully my mind’s,
Intellect; Keeps me,
Well equipped,
Sometimes it’s good,
To rip the script,
Break the mold of,
The world iridescent.
Keep me content,
Paying my rent,
Instead of saying,
Screw your consent.
Trust me;
I don’t forget,
This memory is,
Wet cement.
Don’t come around here,
With that half assed repent.
Make me feel your extent,
Deliver it with sentiment,
You actually give a damn,
About this mortal man,
Doing the very best he can,
Only got these two hands,
Can’t juggle everyone’s,
Opinions; Demands.
Don’t you understand,
That the master plan,
Is to escape the land,
Of contraband?
Free my spirit from,
The glass of sand.
Crazy in the,
Y2 grand.
Lower end,
Of the spectrum,
Look how far,
The ego spanned.
Some really live it,
Some live a sham,
Some live nightmares,
That slowly;
Got out of hand,
Deeper in the wildfire,
The flames fanned.

Lost for days,
In a daze.
The things,
That used to,
Don’t even phase.
In my head,
The scenarios replay,
As I pick them apart,
To find;
The psychology,
Of my ways,
That is;
If I can find my way,
Through this haze.
It’s coming in waves,
Cutting me to pieces,
Like industrial lathes.
I lit the fire,
So in it I must,
At least bathe.
The only way out,
Is through,
I must confront,
To be saved.
To feel something real,
That’s all that I’ve craved.
I mean;
How can I complain,
When I’m only walking,
On the path that,
I paved?
You can make it out,
You just gotta be brave,
Believe, breathe, & behave.
Live like you can trade,
Bad karma;
For something of,
A better grade.
Shine bright,
Take off the lampshade,
Expose your strength,
Never let your soul fade.

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